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UFM2 - Ultralight Flying Millennium 2

The Idea Behind "UFM2"
The Flyers of "UFM2"
The Aircraft Featured in "UFM2"
The Making of "UFM2"
The Making of "UFM2" part 2
Federal Air Regulation Part 103 (Ultralights)
About Brian FitzGerald - the Director of "UFM2" and the other movies on this site
A Boy's Air Journey

Decade of Thunder

The Idea Behind "Decade of Thunder"
Bob Murguia and his '68Hemi Roadrunner
Guy Landreau and his '70 Corvette LS 454
Rick Plush and his '70 Chevelle SS 454
Warren "Butch" Dysart and his '67 Impala SS 427
Earl Lauer and his '69 428 Shelby GT 500
Car Show & Drag Strip Music Videos

A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes

The Idea Behind "A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes"
About the Music Videos in the Movie

HangarTalk - Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The Idea Behind The HangarTalk Series
More About The HangarTalk Series
The Music Video "Down on the Deck"
The Music Video "MXing It Up"
The Making of "MXing It Up"

A Beginner's Guide to American Amateur High Power Rocketry

The Idea Behind "ABGTAAHPR"
An Introductory Movie Called "Countdown"
The Rocketeers of "ABGTAAHPR"
Still Shots from the Movie

Take a Look at the Pulsar!

A Photo of the Pulsar in Flight
The Idea Behind "Take a Look at the Pulsar"
A Short Movie Tribute to the Pulsar
The Pulsar People

A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying

About FitzGerald's First Ultralight Production "A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying"

Streaming Video of Brian's Movies

How to Order Streaming Movies
Watch "Ultralight HangarTalk 1"
Watch "Ultralight HangarTalk 2"
Watch "A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes"
Watch "A Beginner's Guide to American Amateur Hi Power Rocketry"
Watch "Decade of Thunder - The American Muscle Car"
Watch "UFM2 - Ultralight Flying Millennium 2"