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fitzvideo.com Aviation Movies Aviation Videos Flying Movies Flying VideosFitzGerald was Awarded "Best Video Journalist of the Year" by Ultralight Flying! Magazine for his production "A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying".

Also, he was Awarded in Recognition of his Outstanding Achievement in Ultralight Aviation Education by the Production of an Exceptional video, "A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes" by Ultralight Flying! Magazine.

Six Audio Testamonials Taken From The Answering Machine:

Travis Brown of The New Kolb Aircraft Company (WAVE format)

Customer Bob Bays of Winston-Salem, North Carolina (WAVE format) 732k

Customer Robert Seymour of Havana, Florida (WAVE format) 416k

Customer Dave Kaden of Valencia, California (WAVE format) 612k

Customer Steve Jonas of Fairhaven, Massachusetts (WAVE format) 204k

Falconer Vanessa Avara after seeing Hangar Talk (WAVE format) 154k

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John Heckendorf; Merrill, WI

Dear Brian:
I purchased the UFM2 CD-ROM. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching it over and over again. You did a great job on this video.
Please let me know, when your next project is completed.
John Heckendorf

Chad Bastian; Santa Barbara, CA

Finally got a chance to look at the movie, and WOW, am I impressed! Really spectacular footage throughout. You did a fantastic job, Brian. I think people will be impressed.
Chad Bastian
TrikeBuggy, Inc.

Pierre-Jean Beney; Las Vegas, NV (formerly of Toulouse, France)
Hey Brian,
Thank you for the Video. I watch it and the flying above the river (my favorite part) is awsome, so nice. You should enjoy yourself a lot.
Will recommend your video to anybody!
Good luck with everything!
With best wishes.

Jeff Baumgartner; Hartland, WI


I very much enjoyed the UFM2 video. You have captured the "essence" of the sport, and the passion and enjoyment of the people involved in it. For it truly is the people, passion, and freedom that I enjoy the most as an ultralight pilot. The way you have conveyed these aspects, along with quality information about the "flying machines" is touching. The icing on the cake are the music videos, I got that relaxing "what a wonderful place to be" feeling while watching. You know... the one every pilot does! Thank you for your work!

Gary Jacobs; Moxee, Washington

I bought a couple of your CD's a while back (need to order more) and thoroughly enjoyed them. I now see that you have a new one on high power rocketry. You have just taken care of my two passions! I fly a Quicksilver sport (partially inspired by your videos) and have been into rocketry for about 35 years (not continuously). I thought it was really neat that you have done videos in BOTH of my passions now. I am so impressed with your talents -- musician, film ... what ... director, producer, special effects specialist, all of the above? Not to mention Quicksilver pilot! The owner of the airstrip and hangar here in Washington where I hangar my Sport and fly out of tried to get me to buy a GT from him... He let me fly it. Wow, quite different... It was fun but I still love my Sport -- more windy (full fairing on the GT) but a lot more responsive and I have been flying it for three years so I am so used to it, it just comes natural, not so with the GT.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi again and tell you how much I appreciate your work and admire your abilities and what you have produced.

Marty Stern; Little Silver, New Jersey

Thank-you for producing such an informative and well-made video. The quality, information, and service (the package was delivered way  before my estimate!) that were put into "A Beginners Guide to Ultralight Flying" were excellent. In fact, the segment in which you interview pilots about their planes covered ALL THREE of my considered plane choices and gave me information about their pro's and con's from a nonbusiness. I would (and am) recommend this video to anyone who is interested in becoming active in or just learning more about ultralight flying. Worth every penny. Truthfully, I feel like I gained something.

Dale Sicher; Oceanside, California

Well done, Brian!!!  Just got done watching your intro to PPC tape and wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for just a super production.  I had my intro flight cancelled on Saturday due to high winds.  Now I am even more anxious to get up there after watching your video.  Thanks a lot...now the rescheduled date of Jun 28 seems even longer away...LOL.
By the way, I posted a good review on the Yahoo PPC list...hopefully maybe you will see a little bump in sales.  This is a great resource for newbies and should help to answer many of their early questions, calm some of their initial fears and get them up flying.  You may remember chatting with Linda (from Rhode Island) a week or two ago (she ordered the tape for me).  Well, I think your tape may even help to get HER up there one day.  That would tell you just how good your video is!...LMAO.

Dale Biby; Carlsbad, California

Hey Brian,
I received the GUIDE TO POWERED PARACHUTING tape that I ordered form you last week. Thanks so much. I talked to you on the phone and told you it was for my Father who is 77 years old and buying a PPC. Fortunately for me the tape wasn't sealed so I was able to watch it before I sent it to him.
It was very interesting and very encouraging about the safety of these flying machines. I plan to buy one as well, but may have to wait until I move back to Okla. as I have no place to store it right now. I can hardly wait to own one.
Anyway, It is a great video and worth every penny. Thanks for being so prompt in sending it to me.

Richard Gulley; Little Rock, Arkansas

Brian, I rec'd your tape and I really enjoyed watching it. As a matter of fact, I finished watching it and called the gentleman that I had been talking to about purchasing a PPC and made the deal over the phone. Your tape really has an excellent view and coverage of the PPC industry.
I was impressed with your graphics on the tape, I really wish I could have that as a screen saver. I look forward to your next venture bringing the PPC world to tape. Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to meeting you at the next fly-in.

Scott Key; Robbins, North Carolina

Brian, I received your ppc video today and just got through watching it.I really enjoyed all the information provided along with the video portions also. Thanks for another great video production and it was most certainly worth the wait (since your last production).

Randy Huston; Center Harbor, New Hampshire

(When ordering "A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes) Have enjoyed watching "Intro to Ultralites" many times. I own a 1985 Quicksilver MX Sport.

Tad Williams; Roseville, Minnesota

I just received your Beginner's Guide video and it inspired me beyond my expectations and also pointed out some very useful and important information for someone like myself who is just starting to consider the
Ever since I witnessed an ultralight land on a lake at my Grandmother's cabin in Wisconsin when I was a little boy I have wanted to fly, dreaming about it constantly. I live in Minnesota and plan on finding an instructor here in the spring. I have no doubt that I will love the sport and am anxious to get into it immediately.

Thanks for all your help.

Jeff Trautmann; Missoula, Montana

A while back I purchased your video "A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying" as a Christmas gift for my brother Bill, who is an avid ultralight fan. I wanted to let you know that your video fueled his enthusiasm towards ultralights ten fold. It has been his dream for over fifteen years to pilot and own an ultralight and your video has helped him prepare for this long awaited quest...I have enclosed a check to buy both of your Ultralight HangarTalk tapes. Also, please inform me of any future releases.

James Petersen; Detroit, Michigan

I thought the Hangar Talk 2 video was very nice! I REALLY enjoyed the MX'ing it up video--it was FABULOUS! I see on your web page the description of how that video was made. It truly is a work of art!

Michael McDermott; Holland, NY

I saw Hangar Talk 1 and during the music portions I could picture you flying and playing and low and behold if not at the end of the video there you are actually flying and playing the guitar, it was GREAT!!!!
Keep up the good work, I like it.

Jeff Pennington; Leavenworth, Kansas

This morning I got the tapes I called about yesterday. Things around the shop were slow today so myself a customer and my two mechanics watched the first tape, "The Beginners Guide to Ultralight Flying". The customer wants me to teach him this Spring. This is a "GREAT" tape..

Jim Mauldin; Townville, South Carolina

Sorry I'm so late with this request for your "Hangar Talk Part #2" - You know how busy us "Phantom Folks" are... As I've said before, the other two tapes are great and the tips really came in handy....

Roger B. Olson; Albany, Wisconsin

Please send me your Hangar Talk tape two. I have been real happy with the first two tapes I received from you. Will be waiting for more of your tapes.

David T. Flanagan; Hannibal, Missouri

Received the video I ordered today, one week from the day I put the order out to you by snail mail. Great service!

Watched it once (so far!). Really good stuff. Definitely added an extra dimension to the information I have been gathering. The segments spent talking to the pilots of the various aircraft was more useful than I thought it would be; hearing what they liked and why they liked it was very interesting.

Also a good discussion on safety! I am an engineer, and and recognize that your comparisons to driving were very apt!

Stephen A. Justham; Kutztown University; Kutztown, Pennsylvania

... I have really enjoyed, and been educated by your other videos. Thus, I would like to order the "Part 2" video. Thanks for your contribution to the ultralight world!

Gordon Tibbetts; Hampden, Maine

...Enjoyed the "Part 1" video. Have not purchased an ultralight yet, but hope to make a decision on a model by summers end.

David Flanagan

Received the video I ordered today, one week from the day I put the order out to you by snail mail. Great service! Watched it once (so far!). Really good stuff. Definitely added an extra dimension to the information I have been gathering. The segments spent talking to the pilots of the various aircraft was more useful than I thought it would be; hearing what they liked and why they liked it was very interesting. Also a good discussion on safety! I am an engineer, and and recognize that your comparisons to driving were very apt! Ultralighters have much lower KE if something bad happens (notwithstanding massive structural failure at altitude). And although I would have liked to see a nice shot of a BRS deployment, it is only because skydiving was my first love. The video did not suffer from the lack.

I will be showing the video to my father-in-law next week. You may have helped hook two people into the sport instead of just one...

Don Hunt; British Columbia, Canada

"Enjoyed your tape on 'Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying'..."

Larry & Pat Moore; Salem, Kentucky

"We truly do enjoy your first video and look forward to getting (Hangar Talk). Larry and I are patiently awaiting warm weather so we can fly again.... We are now Gramma and Grampa. Our Daughter Trish bought us a license plate that says 'The Flying Grandparents... We look forward to seeing your next video..."

Randy Vigallon; Folsom, California

"First, Let me tell you it WAS the best piece of information on the subject of ultralight flying I have seen. I was fortunate to have seen your video ONCE before it was recorded over. I left it in the machine after I rewound it and didn't eject it... Can you help?"

Dennis Dilbeck; Eugene, Oregon

"I just bought your video 'A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying'. I watched it about 20 times. I would like to know if you have any videos on Ultralight Helicopters and Gyroplanes."

Max E. Apple; Greenwood, Indiana

"I loved your video (you said I would) and was really impressed by your top quality work. I'll be watching for the next in the series..."

Peter Beilby-King; Singapore

"Thanks for sending the 'Beginner's Guide' video, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I thought it was very well produced and highly informative..."

Bob Dykes; Rochester, New York

"Please send your new video (Hangar Talk Part 1). Enjoyed your first one. Keep them coming."

Garry Baker; Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Brian!!! I just saw part of your video and IT IS TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!! It takes a lot to tear me away from a bunch of nuts flying out there at the airpark to go in and watch a video, but it was well worth it!!!!!"

The Wichita Eagle; Wichita, Kansas

"'A Beginner's Guide' is an enlightening primer into a sport that helped revitalize interest in private flying for tens of thousands of pilots."