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"Decade of Thunder"

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    "Decade" is my first Automobile Documentary about the American Muscle Car.

    This genre of car represents so much of what appeals to me about the America I grew up in and to a great extent still exists today. Power. Technology. Sleekness. Competition. Speed. Personality. Adventure. The idea of 'No Limits' & 'No Fear'. This is the America that isn't afraid to take on the tired, old ideas of the old world and run them down. Expressive NOT Introspective. The Beach Boys used to sing about these cars as did Jan & Dean and a host of others. I learned to play the guitar by lifting licks from The Ventures and their songs during this time period about cars and surfing.

    After doing some research, I discovered that the Muscle Car phenomenon basically came and went during a 10 year period between 1963 and 1973. That is a decade and the idea for the movie title was made manifest.

    In order to give focus to this piece, all 5 cars featured fit in that 10 year window, have 400+ cubic inches of engine, fit 'more or less' into the 'Original' definition of car restoration and are -of course- All American.

    For this first piece I have tried to show off a nice cross section of the Muscle Cars of that Thunderous Decade but obviously there are many other models I would like to include. There will be a Part II, III, etc.

    If you know of a special example of this shining piece of Americana that you think I should know about... Send me an email with the details!"