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Highlights from the POV Movies

 The tabs below feature selected screen grabs from each movie

Over New Wheat
From the nose camera, we see the green glint of new wheat.

Over a small pond
From the "Shoulder Cam" we see The Sky Surfer pass over a small pond.

Next to Hedgerow
The view behind the Quicksilver reveals a hedgerow right of the plane. You can see the shadow of the aircraft in the lower, right part of the frame.

Bank over lake
From the left wing camera we see a secluded fishing cabin on a small lake.

Pass over hedgerow
Looking back after popping over a hedgerow.
In the clouds
The beginning of "The Harper Run" features a climb through low hanging fog clouds.

Low over the prairie
From the left wing camera we see The Sky Surfer gliding a couple of feet over the prairie in "Ground Effect".

Conway Springs
Early in the trip, Brian passes Conway Springs, Kansas on its North edge.

Tracking a train
East of Harper, Kansas, FitzGerald pulls up next to a long container train heading into Harper.

Meeting People
Brian meets Bob and Kayden Welch at the Harper Airport right after landing.
Sun in the eyes
The morning sun figures large in the Sky Safarito Severy, Kansas.

Sun ahead
Due to a high overcast, the sun's light is particularly bright that morning.

Early in the trip, we come upon a doe and her faun loping in an open field. After a short chase they duck into a hedgerow.

A little while later, The Sky Surfer scares up a rafter of turkeys.

Over Severy, Kansas
After a triumphant flight across The Flint Hills of Kansas The Sky Surfer arrives over Severy - taking pictures as usual...