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The Romance of Ultralight Flying

Romance Cover
In the tabs above you can see representative pictures of some of the 24 Music Videos contained in "Romance". There are also some small-sized web movies from this disc found under the "Free Movies" tab above.

"The Romance of Ultralight Flight" is a compilation of the music videos and music segments from the 4 ultralight documentaries FitzGerald has produced to date. There are 24 of these musical interludes and - with the exception of one - they all feature music he wrote and performed. They were produced between the years 1994 - 2000.

In addition to these movies is a "director's commentary" track that features FitzGerald giving some background discussion about each production.

One interesting facet of this compilation is to see the resolution and editing advances from year to year that correlate with the advances of "desktop video" over that 6 year period. FitzGerald has stayed on the cutting edge of this "desktop/project studio" phenomena from the beginning. You can read about the various types of equipment used to produce each documentary on this website.

(By now he should be a major stockholder in Apple but they have yet to officially recognize his continuous and significant investment in Apple computers over the last 20+ years....)

Soon he'll be going HD (High Definition) so stay tuned...

Beginner's Guide "Intro to Beginner's Guide"

See The Planes "See the Planes"

Why Buy An Ultralight? "Why Buy an Ultralight?"

What Can You Do? "What Can You Do?"

Fly By Feel
"Fly by Feel"

"Beginner's Guide Credits"

HTalk1 Opener
"HangerTalk #1 Opener"

Dirt Red Sky Blue
"Dirt Red - Sky Blue"

Endless Sky
"Endless Sky"

Sun 'n Fun
"Fun in the Sun"

"Down on the Deck"

Click Here to see "Down on the Deck"

Intro to HTalk2
"Intro to HTalk#2"

Day in Sapulpa Click Here to see
"Day in Sapulpa"

Escape to Benton
"Escape to Benton"

MXing It up "Click Here to see
"MXing It Up"

HTalk2 Credits
" HangarTalk #2 Credits"

Final Frontier
"Final Frontier"

Lake Texoma
"Lake Texoma"

Randy in the Rockies
"Randy in the Rockies"

Samba Topeka
"Samba Topeka"