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Brian & Cam w/ Bill Koelling

"That They Might Fly Again"

What It's About

"That They" is a tribute to the Classic Aircraft that graced The Golden Age of Aviation. This was the era of aviation I call the Adolescent Period - near the beginning - before all the records had been broken. It was a time when airplanes had the mystique of spaceships. The greatest minds of engineering were concentrating their mental wattage on the various problems of aircraft structure, aerodynamics, propulsion and control yielding tremendous technical advances in a relatively short time span.

Now at the beginning of the 21st Century we have airplanes piloted robotically. Vertical takeoff jet fighters are becoming mainstream. Hypersonic flight may soon be a commercial reality. Sometimes it seems as if a cabal composed of media, politicians and technicians have joined together to eliminate "seat of the pants" VFR flying. As much as this movie is about these Classic Airplanes it is about men who still believe in Aviation for its own sake. They believe in the inherent value of the man/plane interface. The men behind these beautiful airplanes have a great passion for flying and aviation history. Notwithstanding the obvious joy they receive in being able to pilot and own these wonderful craft, they also share an abiding urge to preserve this fine heritage for future generations. All realize they are only "temporary owners" of these forces of nature called Classic Airplanes and take great pains to share their treasures with the public.

They share the belief in the need to "Keep The Antiques Flying". I share that mission and hope that after seeing this movie you will catch the fever, too. The total running time of the movie is 1 hour and 18 minutes.

Music Videos - The Romance

One of the big reasons for the attraction of this era of aviation is what I call The Kinetic Sculpture Component. As a whole, these airplanes are "easy on the eye". Even though airplanes must adhere to certain physical characteristics, the designers of the Classic Era were influenced by one of the finest art movements to sweep America and Europe in the early part of the 20th Century - Art Deco. I believe this art movement is the basis for what we call the "Classic" look of this aeronautical era.

In order to capture this beauty, I have endeavored to assemble movie segments of these Classics perching on the grass, taxiing over it and flying through the blue. The music of The Big Band Era completes the portrait. In addition to the "straight up" music videos, each pilot interview is "backgrounded" with a study of the airplane under discussion. This background movie can also be accessed on the disc and seen by itself with the music turned up.

I have also provided a menu on the discs whereby you can watch all the music videos and the video backgrounds to the interviews as a continuous movie. This section is 57 minutes long.

First in a Series

This first movie in the series features some big names from the Classic Era: Stinson, Waco and Ryan. Also featured in a music segment are the prototypical Stearman Biplanes that many people associate with this time.

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