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Meet the Pilots & Planes of "That They Might Fly Again" Part 1

Jim Clark - 1939 Waco EGC-8

Waco Emerges
Jim Clark of Junction City, Kansas owns an exquisitely restored 1939 Waco EGC-8 "Custom Cabin". Jim is a businessman who has built up a number of successful car dealerships. His success in business has enabled him to fly in style over the years. He has owned a number of aircraft in the course of his life and keeps a few in the stable right now. The Waco will be the subject of attention in this installment of the series.

Waco - Front Quarter
Here Jim launches into an overview of the Waco.

Waco - Rear Quarter
The Cabin Waco perches gleaming in the sun waiting the call to fly.

Jim maneuvers
Jim maneuvers the EGC-8 to takeoff position.

Waco in air
The shiny bird in its natural element.

Ben Taylor & The Ryan ST-A

Ben in front of Ryan Wing
Ben Taylor is the 3rd Generation of the Antique Airplane Association. Ben is a licensed A&P mechanic as well as a seasoned pilot experienced in flying many different aircraft. He is also well versed in the history of the aircraft of the AAA stable. In this installment of "That They Might Fly Again", Ben holds forth on one of their most prized possessions - Their Ryan STA.

Ryan in front of Hangar
Here we see the Ryan perched next to Hangar No. 2 of the Antique Airfield. As Ben points out in his description of this fine craft, the wheel spats not only decrease aerodynamic drag but contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of this beautiful plane.

Ben at Ryan Tail
Here Ben draws our attention to the delightful curves of this wonderful airplane. Also he shows us the excellent craftsmanship involved in fasioning the fillets and "cone-like" tail piece.

Ben Shows Menasco
Here Ben opens up the bonnet to show the Menasco powerplant.

Ben taxis Ryan
Here we see Ben taxiing the Ryan on the green grass of the Blakesburg Aerodrome near sundown.

Larry Boehme & His 1943 Stinson

Stinson on the roll
In addition to having flown a variety of aircraft AND owning the Stinson, Larry also spent a number of years as a Flight Surgeon in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. At the end of June we were able to get a meeting together at his home field in Junction City, Kansas to talk about his elegant ’43 Stinson Reliant.

Shows Ladder
It takes a ladder to get in to this big Stinson and not just any ladder either. This one is chrome plated.

Show gull wings
This angle shows why the Reliant is nicknamed "The Gullwing". Larry discusses how this design feature effects the performance of the airplane.

Stinson head on
The brilliantly painted '43 Stinson Reliant commanding its way through the atmosphere.

Prop & Engine
A perfect pairing for pulling.

Robert Taylor-Antique Airplane Association Founder

Robt Taylor on Library Porch
Here we see Antique Airplane Association Founder Robert Taylor on the porch of the AAA Library accompanied by his everpresent coterie of canines.

Robt Taylor in the Library
Robert shows just one section of the extensive research library available to AAA members.

Robt Taylor in the 6th Air Force Room
The Antique Airplane Association also houses the memorabilia and records of the 6th Air Force. During WWII, the 6th Air Force was responsible for protecting America's shoreline and interests in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Theater.

Another document room
Another document room filled with research materials.