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Brian in front of Cam Blazer's Monocoupe

Brian on the set with Cam's Monocoupe

"That They Might Fly Again" - Part 2

To the right is the introduction to the movie:

New Finds

"That They - Part 2" took Brian to Wisconsin, Nebraska, parts of Kansas and back to Iowa to gather interviews and more of that Kinetic Art he likes to photograph.

This time there are 3 new airplanes and their owners as well as a tour through the Airpower Museum at the Antique Airplane Association headquarters in Blakesburg, Iowa.

Music Videos - The Romance

Again for you lovers of art and music, Brian has captured a great number of these attractive flying machines slipping through the skies and lilting across the grass and set it all to music. Three pieces in all- one featuring BiPlanes, a second documenting those who dream of dueling with The Red Baron and a third gazing at the bucolic beauty of aircraft and cornfields set in Southern Wisconsin.

This is the Second in the Series

Because of the nature of the formats, the complete movie and all the Extra Content is contained on one Blu-ray Disc. The DVD version takes 2 Discs.

The total running time of the movie is 2 hours and 33 minutes. The Extra Content runs 48 minutes and 32 seconds.

Be sure to add it to your collection! Go HERE to order.