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Extra content included with "That They Might Fly Again" Part 3

 One thing Brian likes to do is look at airplanes. Whether they are flying, taxiing or just sitting on the ground, they are always a source of joy to look at. Because of this, FitzGerald has produced a significant number of music videos to encase this "plane watching" into a concise format. There are 3 Music Videos included in Part 3.

"Spring Fling"

The Great State of Texas is a country in itself, large enough to feature all manner of things, not the least of which is its sizeable Aviation Culture… One organization in the Lone Star State is “Greatest Generation Aircraft” of Fort Worth… I heard about their “Spring Fling” fly-in and went there to experience it.

One thing you learn with regard to anything “Aviation” is that Weather is King… Good weather can make a great Flying Event – Bad Weather can ruin one… Spring Fling was dealt both hands… A thick fog closed the field for VFR traffic until just after 11 in the morning when it finally cleared away… While this dramatically lowered the expected Fly-In arrivals, there were enough planes on the field to make it interesting.

The fog was thick that morning.

When the fog finally lifted folks began to arrive.

Helicopter Rides were a big draw.


Great Lakes
A Great Lakes BiPlane.

"Paul's Valley"

The annual Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma Antique Airplane Association Fly-In was a “Hundred PerCenter”. Even though it was quite windy, the turnout was good and the variety of aircraft impressive.

Ryan STA
A Ryan STA

Stearman Navy
A Stearman Trainer in Navy colors.

A Cessna "Mixmaster" in Viet Nam Era Forward Air Control colors.

A beautifully restored Ercoupe.

"Volants Objets Metalliques"

B-17 Toward
It is amazing that the conflict we know as World War II was, at least for America, declared, fought and won in the space of only 4 years time… Just considering the thousands of airplanes built to help the United States and its allies win that War - "Massive" is a paltry word to describe this effort! This music video was produced as a reminder of it.

B-24 Runup
A B-24 running up the motors - brakes straining.

Mustang Runup
A 2 Seat P-51 Mustang starting takeoff roll.

B-29 Art
One of the "Rarest of the Rare", FIFI the B-29.

B-29 Flyover
Nothing sounds like the four engines of the B-29 passing overhead!

B-29 On Final
Fifi on final.

B-29 Taxi Toward
It takes a large crew - on the ground and in the air - to fly a B-29.