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Some Highlights from Making "UFM2 - Ultralight Flying Millennium 2"

In the distance you can see the Salton Sea which is south of Palm Springs, California.
This shot was taken at the top of the mountain range reached by an incredible cable tram.
If you go to Palm Springs, you must go on it.

Photo by Brian FitzGerald

This is really nice! Jim shot it from "the cool seat" of his TrikeBuggy while I was busy gathering video down below in the hot sand (if you look close you will see me and my tripod at water's edge near the right side of the shot). From my grounded point of view I had no idea how nicely colored the lake is.

Photo by Jim Smith - California

This Here is another one Jim took while Chad Bastian zoomed around me at the water's edge.

Photo by Jim Smith - California

A POV (Point of View) shot from Brian's left wing as he maneuvers for a pass over the sunflower field in the music video "Lil Prop"

The boulevards are wide in Palm Springs. You figure out real quick the inspiration for the naming of the town

Another view from the foothills. Palm Springs is in a valley between two mountain ranges.

My son Jack & I scouted the Windmill Location early on. I call this a "Man of Destiny" shot. If you ever get a chance to see Wind Generators up close you will be impressed. These new generation of machines are extremely large.

This is at Bert's Ranch. My friend Mike Rodriguez (background) and his wife Beth were my ground crew on one of the trips to the windmills.

Bert Bonham has a ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas. He was kind enough to allow me to use one of his hay fields for staging during my many trips to the windmills. I was leaving his area and had the cam mounted in the nose position and gambled a blind shot of him in his yard. It worked!

Here I am mounting a camera near the tail. It is extremely difficult to get smooth pictures from this position.