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More Highlights from the making of "UFM2 - Ultralight Flying Millennium 2"

Photo by Doug Moler - High Point, Kansas

I had a 3-5 day window to shoot the sunflowers aerial and POV shots before the flowers turned down. Unfortunately my cameraman Jeff Johnson was called away to a funeral. So since Jeff could not take pix of me flying I enlisted my buddy, Ace Pilot Steve Ewing. He sat in for me and I directed and shot camera from the ground for that segment.

One morning heading over to shoot at the Windmills the fog rose up and I had to land in a wheat field. On takeoff after the air cleared one of my spark plugs failed to fire and I had to land in the next field over. It was not as nice. The grass was over knee high. I pulled some tools out of my seatback pack, fixed the situation, tromped down a takeoff path and got airborne again.

Here Chad Bastian gets ready to take his constant companion Rocky for a ride... (not).

A POV (Point of View) shot from off my nose as I swing low over the sunflower field in the music video "Lil Prop". You best be watching your wingtips when you do this stuff and pray your engine does not quit on you.

Photo courtesy Don Forse

Here I am discussing the next step in our interview with Stanley Chitwood in the lush forests of Kentucky where the Kolb Factory is located.

Photo courtesy Don Forse

Here Gene Smith and I chat for a minute before shooting some video. Larry Smith is near the cockpit getting the Backyard Flyer ready for display.