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This is "The Animated Open to ABGTPP"

After the success of "A Beginner's Guide to Ultralight Flying", Brian FitzGerald decided for his next documentary venture to cover the then-emerging vehicle of "Lite Flite" - the Powered Parachute (PPC). To that end he shot and produced "A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes" in 2000 AD. FitzGerald always includes a number of music video segments in his documentaries to provide what he calls "The Romance of Ultralight Flying" and the PPC movie was no exception.

Also during this time 3D software was becoming available for use on high end office computers. FitzGerald was intrigued with this digital environment and decided to see if he could produce a full-length music video entirely "inside the box". The result of this effort is the PPC Animation shown here. For the desktop equipment of the era, this was a prodigious undertaking. Many elements of the 3D environment had to be scaled down to accommodate the limitations or the processors Apple had available at that time. Even after scaling down the surface complexity the rendering process alone took 4 days each time and had to be done quite a few times.

FitzGerald also wrote and performed the music.

You can find more about "A Beginner's Guide to PPCs" HERE

Shot & Edited by Brian FitzGerald * Wichita * ©2017